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Upcoming Events

All  About Garbanzos w/ Lauren Chandler

Not just for hummus! Garbanzo beans have a place in breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. Learn how to cook and prepare them in a variety of ways. Join...

3/22 6pm
Vegan Cheese Workshop w/ Shea Cope

Vegan cheese has come a long way in recent years, but still remains intimidating to make on your own and at home. As a five-year vegan and former dairy...

3/24 4pm
Flavors of the Mediterranean w/ Dan Brophy

Enjoy the delicious vegetarian appetizer spread – a traditional part of Greek cuisine. Demonstrations and tasting include: homemade pita, hummus,...

3/27 6pm
Vegan Nigerian Cuisine w/ Salimatu Amabebe

Join local pop-up chef Salimatu Amabebe to learn all the wonders of Nigerian vegan cuisine. In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare delicious, vegan,...

3/30 6pm
Nutrition Talks: Meal Prepping w/ the Bulk Bins

Nutritionist and Bob’s Cooking School resident chef Sophia Worgan will break down the bulk bins and how you can plan your weekly meals around savings. Sophia...

3/31 6pm

Recent Events

Spring Feast in India with Leena Ezekiel

Join local chef Leena Ezekiel to celebrate a delicious meal you might find in the festival of colors, Holi. This festival in India signifies the end of...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  
International Grain Bowls w/ Sophia Worgan

Join resident chef Sophia Worgan to learn how to make internationally influenced grain bowls. Recipes will include a tabbouleh bowl with chickpea falafel and...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  
India-Inspired Grains w/ Kusuma Rao

Come for an evening of inspired vegetable grain salads with regional Indian flavors. In this class, you will learn how to cook a variety of different...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  
Cooking with Unique Beans with Sophia Worgan

Resident chef and nutritionist Sophia Worgan will dive into the international world of legumes in this class. She will cover recipes to use the most obscure...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  
Quick Cooking Spring Grains with Corey Schreiber

Get ready for spring with quicker cooking grains, light preparations, lots of vegetables and fresh herbs. The all-vegetarian recipes include quinoa cakes,...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  

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