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Upcoming Events

Bollywood Theater Comes To Bob’s with Caroline Crawley

Join Bollywood Theater’s Chef de Cuisine, Caroline Crawley, to learn how to make some of their most popular street food dishes, such as Vada Pav, Bhel Puri...

6/22 6pm
Ancient Grains for Breakfast with Annie Moss

What better way to enjoy your morning coffee or tea, than alongside a rich, flavorful and nutrient-filled whole-grain breakfast pastry? Learn simple,...

6/23 4pm
Whole-Grain Summer Picnics w/ Andrea Slonecker

Join award-winning cookbook author Andrea Slonecker as she explores the world of whole grain bowls with a bounty of flavorful, vibrant toppings that are...

7/13 6pm
Summer Time Flatbread w/ Annie Moss

Don't have time to spend all day tending sourdough bread? Intimidated by the process of shaping dough into beautiful hearth loaves? Want something...

7/14 4pm
Indian Street Food w/ Leena Ezekiel

The Indian subcontinent is well known for its street food, and almost every corner of the country is abuzz with little stalls and carts, all year round,...

7/19 6pm

Recent Events

Vegan BBQ with Cory Schreiber

Barbeque is associated with meats and poultry, and each region of the country has unique and strong culinary opinions about barbeque sauce ingredients: how...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  
Summer Tarts Class with Pine State Biscuits

Join Pine State Biscuits and Bob’s Red Mill to explore the exciting world of fresh summer tarts. Pastry Chef Nina Esquire will demonstrate techniques for a...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  
Fresh Eating for the Season with Tiffany Kent

This clas will show you how to take in-season vegetables to prepare decadent and delicious meals and appetizers, including: vegetable garden risotto,...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  
Whole Grains for Better Digestion Class with Carly Kellogg-Knowles

Support your digestive system with healthy whole grains. Learn how to prepare whole grains while preserving nutrition and increasing digestibility from...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  
Summer French Macarons with Katie Shyne

This class will demonstrate two methods for making macaron shells including French and Italian meringue methods. Katie will show piping and discuss proper...

Bob's Red Mill Cooking School  

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