Disjecta Contemporary Art Center

8371 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, OR 97217

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center builds ambitious programs that promote artists and engage communities.

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center aspires to present forward-thinking work from visual and performing artists. Disjecta provides a professional platform in which artists can realize their best work and engage new audiences. Dynamic programs showcase new work and fuel collaborations between artists, curators and viewers that impact and intervene in the larger contemporary arts dialogue. Disjecta exacts equal rigor from local and national artists, while keenly recognizing and supporting the talent of the region.




Fri-Sun: 12-5 p.m.






N Portland, Portland

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Expanded Cinema: Joshua Churchill and John Davis, featuring Loom

As a performance duo, Joshua Churchill and John Davis operate spontaneously to create densely layered organic and atmospheric works, combining Churchill’s...

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center  
Summer Love Solstice Dance Party

Celebrate four years of the dance center Flock and burn up the dance floor to usher in summer’s radiance. A fresh selection of DJs will provide the summer...

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Studio 4 (Flock is inside Disjecta)  
Conversations: A Small Talk Social

Please join Small Talk Collective for a party, pop-up exhibition and live photographic collaboration. The ongoing collaborative project Conversations will...

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center  
Sondra Perry

Sondra Perry 3/17 6pm

Houston-based artist Sondra Perry explores the intersection of technology and black history through interactive sculptural and installation works. Following...

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center  
Follow The Money

Follow The Money 3/15 7pm

Join up for an evening of educational discussion presented by Jennifer L. Stoots, AAA. This is the first in a quarterly event series produced by Photolucida...

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center  

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