Tuesday, September 24 more dates through October 6, 2019

Imago Theatre 17 S.E. Eighth Ave., Portland, OR 97214

Always under the watchful eye of Big Brother, Winston has nowhere to turn and no one to trust as anyone or anything could be running surveillance on behalf of the government. The Thought Police monitor society and dole out nightmarish punishments on behalf of the authoritarian Party, who propagandize ‘Ignorance is Strength’. Based on the iconic novel by George Orwell, 1984 is an intense theatrical reflection of how far technology and falsifying reality has come. 

By Oregon Arts Watch

"While acknowledging that this unflinching stage adaptation of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel is “designed to hit you hard,” co-writer Robert Icke told the Hollywood Reporter, “if this show is the most upsetting part of anyone’s day, they’re not reading the news headlines. Things are much worse than a piece of theater getting under your skin a little bit.” The original London production reportedly got so far under the skin that some audience members fainted. Artists Repertory Theatre stages it with a top-flight Portland cast, including Chris Harder as Winston Smith, directed by Damaso Rodriguez."




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