Artist-Led Tour of An Inward Gaze

This is a past event. Saturday, May 4 at 3:00pm

Blue Sky Gallery / Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts 122 N.W. Eighth Ave., Portland, OR 97209

Blue Sky is pleased to present its second annual curatorial prize exhibition, An Inward Gaze. Curators Jon Feinstein and Roula Seikaly have brought together the work of Arielle Bobb-Willis and Brittney Cathey-Adams, two women who make sculptural, performative images that counter the male gaze and its prevalence in art history. In doing so, they illustrate how this power dynamic bolsters pervasive gender, race and body size stereotypes in contemporary art and pop culture. Bobb-Willis’s vivid staged photographs use the human form as source material and as stand-ins for self-portraits representing her own complex emotional struggles. Cathey-Adams creates black-and-white self-portraits in various natural settings that declare personal agency in representation and defy historical stigmas attached to women who do not fit an idealized physical mold.

Feinstein and Seikaly describe the work in An Inward Gaze as “an abstraction of control and self representation. Rather than offering a salve for the many complex problems tied to the male gaze, we’ve paired the work of Arielle Bobb-Willis and Brittney Cathey-Adams in an attempt to reframe looking: how two artists use photography to process their own inner struggles, how they use images of the physical form as metaphors for these monologues, and ultimately, how their methods are a means of taking ownership over their bodies and inward spaces.”

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