As the Bee Sees: A Pollinator's Perspective

This is a past event. Sunday, June 30 more dates through June 30, 2019

Beaverton Main Library 12375 S.W. Fifth St., Beaverton, OR 97005

In her one-woman commitment to change, Susan Curington melds her passion for painting with passion for the environment in this super-sized exhibit. In creating As The Bee Sees: A Pollinator’s Perspective, the artist focuses on food crops most vulnerable to failure in the current state of bee decline.

These large-scale paintings magnify food plant flowers as if from a bee’s view as it approaches the plant to pollinate. The large-scale format invites the viewer to assume the perspective of a bee. Magnificent visual imagery, vibrant color and magnified scale combine to ignite a visceral reaction in the viewer, eliciting compassion, connection and concern.

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Exhibition, Art & Design, Free

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