CONTACT Dance Film Festival IV

This is a past event. Saturday, May 11 more dates through May 11, 2019

BodyVox 1201 N.W. 17th Ave., Portland, OR

"A knack for cleverly integrating film into its live performances long has been part of the appeal of the Portland dance troupe BodyVox. Collaborating with the Northwest Film Center, BodyVox artistic directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland curate this annual selection of short and feature-length dance films, including a premiere work freshly created by the host company." - Oregon Arts Watch

The Northwest Film Center and BodyVox are pleased to partner in presenting their fourth Contact Dance Film Festival, a showcase featuring award-winning collaborations between filmmakers, dancers and choreographers, and insightful contemporary dance documentaries. These works sparkle with invention and inspiration and will open your eyes to a special genre of hybrid creativity.

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Dance, Film

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