Finding Place: Art, Power, and Community

This is a past event. Saturday, March 2 at 11:00am 4:00pm

Portland Art Museum 1219 S.W. Park Ave., Portland, OR 97205

This event is a gathering for educators across disciplines.

Experience the museum as a space of expression and understanding. Share resources and ideas with fellow educators. Create and interact with art. Address issues of place, belonging and equity in education and art. Connect the exhibition the map is not the territory to your teaching practices. Celebrate the joy of learning.

Including an opening program with Natchee Blu Barnd (Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies and Native American Studies at Oregon State University) exploring key concepts from the exhibition the map is not the territory, including decolonization, place/displacement, belonging, Oregon and the Northwest; teacher-facilitated workshops; experiences in the galleries; and art-making.

Space is limited, and registration is required.

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Art & Design, Exhibition, Readings & Talks

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This event requires registration.