Gillian Frances

This is a past event. Thursday, January 24 at 9:00pm

Mississippi Studios & Bar Bar 3939 N. Mississippi, Portland, OR 97227

Not all lullabies are meant to lull. Portland songwriter Gillian Frances knows this well, and her debut EP Born Yesterday is proof. Muted piano, horns and subdued percussion stitch together the quilt squares of Frances’ hushed singing and rolling finger picking. But a minute or so into the EP’s opening track, just when you’ve started to settle in comfortably to the dense blanket of sound, Frances drops a couplet that snaps you out of your stupor: “Another round, let’s drink ourselves awake / A hundred pounds of blue shit in my veins.” The record is littered with these jolts to the system, lines delivered with a disarming frankness that cuts immediately through the fog of Born Yesterday's opaque production. This is Frances’ great strength as a lyricist—direct, piercing, a little unsettling—and it’s the perfect foil for the EP’s sonic neverland—oblique and nearly impenetrable but somehow tranquilizing.

With: Sheers, Indira Valey.

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