Heather Watkins: Waiting Room

This is a past event. Saturday, June 2, 2018 more dates through June 2, 2018

PDX Contemporary Art 925 N.W. Flanders St., Portland, OR 97209

"These small, meditative and intense woven and stitched fabric pieces have a sense of Agnes Martin to them. Tiny stitches, made at the limit of the artist’s eyesight, follow the regular but imperfect structure of the linen. Made in “waiting rooms of one kind or another,” they were  “shaped by a desire to develop a new visual language and to forge a new working methodology — peripatetic, roving [and] claiming its own time and space,” according to Watkins. The dense space and unsureness of waiting rooms has been activated and occupied by these dense, handmade pieces." - Oregon Arts Watch




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