Jazz In The Schools 2018 Gallery Viewing

This is a past event. Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 11:00am 8:00pm

Portland Art Museum 1219 S.W. Park Ave., Portland, OR 97205

Created by PDX Jazz, Jazz in the Schools is supported by US Bank and OPB and presented in conjunction with the 2018 PDX Jazz Festival.

This year, Jazz In The Schools was presented to over 2,000 students in 14 schools from diverse community neighborhoods. The students learned about the origins of jazz from its roots in Africa and New Orleans, some of its most significant figures, its major contributions to American history and ultimately its connection to visual art – particularly the designs found on jazz record album covers during the mid-20th century. Throughout the duration of the program, the students listened to jazz music in their classroom while creating their own artistic interpretation of what jazz “looks like” on a 12” x 12” space, which is the size of a record album cover.

The 2018 Jazz In The Schools 2018 Gallery Viewing will be located in Portland Art Museum – Fred and Suzanne Fields Ballroom.

Throughout the day, local student musicians will be performing jazz music at the venue. Additionally, celebrated Portland pianist Dan Gaynor will be playing during the judging event from 6-8 p.m.

The works receiving the most votes from each grade level (elementary, middle and high school) will be unveiled during the February 15 – 25 BIAMP PDX Jazz Festival. The entire collection will be on display in the windows of City Target in downtown Portland throughout the Festival.

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