This is a past event. Saturday, December 22, 2018 at 7:30pm

CoHo Theatre 2257 N.W. Raleigh St., Portland, OR 97210

"If you believe in ghosts, what place in America is more likely to be haunted than Gettysburg? This is where Pulitzer-winning playwright Annie Baker sets this story of a relationship on the brink, along with the elusive deeper meanings coursing through the everyday. The Washington Post called it “a mystical puzzle that teases you to fill in the blanks” (whether you believe in ghosts or not)." - Oregon Arts Watch

“I will say that meeting him was like walking out of a dark wood ... it was like emerging from the cold into the sun.”

A bed & breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, decked out for the holidays. An eccentric innkeeper with a penchant for miniatures, doilies and dolls. A young couple struggling to reconnect. A sublimely odd, yet somehow familiar, cast of characters. But who’s John? Subtle and moving, Pultizer Prize-winning playwright Annie Baker uses her trademark humor to unspool a delicate, richly-detailed story that urges us to seek meaning in the quotidian and the mysterious.

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