Original Practice Shakespeare Festival

This is a past event. Sunday, August 27, 2017 more dates through August 27, 2017

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"Original Practice Shakespeare, oft-called "ops," is easily Portland's most prolific and approachable Shakespeare company. In their novel format of staged readings, a sports-style referee presides over the players, blowing a whistle and issuing indisputable "calls." Sometimes the ref even asks the audience to decide which actors play which roles, calls a "time-out" when a plane flies by or prompts cheers and boos from the crowd as appropriate. This silly, sensationalist Portland tradition is a great way to introduce Shakespeare to kids." – Oregon Arts Watch

OPS Fest brings a new style of Shakespearean performance to the Portland area by reviving the old. ​First Folio editions of Shakespeare's plays include all the cues an actor needs to perform his or her role without rehearsal. This allows the truest reaction to the story as it progresses. OPS Fest performs using the same techniques as they did in Shakespeare's own time, which means limited rehearsal; an onstage prompter; fast paced, energetic acting; and lots of audience interaction. This lends a much more immediate, organic and improvisational feel.

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