Picture This: A Blackfish Oratorio in honor of the 40th anniversary

This is a past event. Saturday, April 13 at 7:00pm 9:00pm

Blackfish Gallery 420 N.W. Ninth Ave., Portland, OR 97209

Blackfish artists Christopher Shotola-Hardt and Merridawn Duckler, in conjunction with Shotola-Hardt’s progressive folk ensemble Bug Toast, present an evening-length musical work that invites listeners into a day in the life of a gallery. Incorporating everything from First Thursday field recordings to ukulele soliloquies, with a libretto from 40 years of gallery logs, Picture This combines a fauvist, impressionistic score with the realpolitik of artists’ lives to produce an unforgettable event. Funded in part by a grant from Regional Arts and Culture Council. 

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Music, Exhibition, Free

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