Rebirth, Rejuvenation, and Revolution

This is a past event. Friday, May 3 at 6:00pm 9:00pm

East Creative 211 S.E. Madison St., Portland, OR 97214

"Ranging from an ancient rite of spring to a commemoration of religious transformation, to a call for workers rights and immigration reform, the beginning of May has a persistent association with change.

While the context and nature of this transformation is subject to its own transitional nature, there is also a common thread. Whether a reflection of natural phenomenon, our own personal and spiritual narratives, or even social revolution, change is constant, and despite what is left behind, it is a cause for celebration. Even when the tremulous gulf of such growth comes equally out of both gentle rains and rushing torrents of upheaval.

Rebirth, Rejuvenation, and Revolution asks us to consider the common spirit and nature of this period. Do we see it as a new beginning or a the turning of a cycle? Is each new leaf a sutured healing or a shinning resurrection? Or perhaps such attempts at continuity are all simply fictions in the face of entropic metamorphose…"

The public reception for this exhibit will occur on the First Friday of this month.

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Art & Design, Exhibition, Free


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