Screening: Poetry + Video Works

This is a past event. Sunday, December 30, 2018 at 6:30pm 9:00pm

De-Canon Library at Milepost 5 8155 N.E. Oregon St., Portland, OR 97213

A screening of new and in-progress video, poetry and music works by Dao Strom and Roland Dahwen/Patuà Films and Stephanie Adams-Santos.

Plus, there will be some space for light discussion on hybrid work, poetry, music and video processes.

Traveler’s Ode (by Dao Strom) is a sung-poem live music recording video, made with Roland Dahwen (director), Edward P. Davee (director of photography) and Sidony O’Neal (sound recordist). It is part of an ongoing hybrid forms, music-poetry and  collaborative art project by Dao Strom that has received funding from a Regional Arts & Culture Council Project Grant (2017) and the Creative Capital Artist Award Program (2016).

Three Moons/Tres Lunas/3つの月 is a two-channel video installation and altar dedicated to, and made alongside, our elders. It revolves around three exquisite members of the Portland community: Amanda García, Rikuku Heshiki and Kazumi Heshiki. The project is a continuation of work that Roland Dahwen Wu and Stephanie Adams-Santos have been doing to share their ongoing work around poetry, memory and honoring our elders.

For more event information and a video trailer, see:

Followed by the De-Canon End-Of-Year Social: This event takes place at the De-Canon Library at the artist community of Milepost 5. Please stay later into the evening to celebrate the year’s end at De-Canon: A Visibility Project, as well. Community social time will be from ~8 p.m. on.

De-Canon: A Visibility Project is a literary arts social engagement project that takes shape as a “pop-up library” and a website. De-Canon has received support from an APANO Place-Making Grant, the Precipice Fund, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Calligram Foundation.

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