Sir Cupcake's Queer Circus Goes To Another Dimension

This is a past event. Sunday, May 12 at 3:00pm 5:00pm

Alberta Rose Theatre 3000 N.E. Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211

Sir Cupcake's Queer Circus is a full-length circus theater production that spotlights transgender and queer aerialists, clowns, dancers and acrobats. This campy piece follows Sir Cupcake’s strange adventures to Another Dimension where they must play a high-stakes game with a Multi-Dimensional Goddexx in the hopes that they can heal what is hurting in our real world and in themselves. Will they be able to harness the power Queer Humanity possesses? Or will they get locked in Laser Jail?   

Featuring queer and transgender circus performers including Sir Cupcake (Jack StockLynn), Diana Dae (S.F.), Lucy Eden (Atlanta) and Colleen Thompson (N.Y.C.) along with local favorites Ari & Ben, Tera Zarra, Zoe Stasko, K.C. Fong and more. Live visuals by Savory Productions, set to music by queer and transgender musicians.

Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus is changing hearts and minds through storytelling and circus arts, while raising the visibility of queer, transgender and nonbinary performers. Using campy humor, tender hearts and the undeniable truth of their being, the Queer Circus takes you on a journey that leaves you more empowered to be you - unafraid and unashamed. This project is supported by the Regional Art and Culture Council, The Circus Project, The Oregon Children’s Theater and community donations.


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Dance, LGBT, Theater

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$32 GA, $52 VIP


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