Teenage Dick

This is a past event. Sunday, February 3 at 7:30pm

Artists Repertory Theatre 1515 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97205

"Shakespeare’s ferocious Richard III is a story of of naked ambition, of ruthlessness and cunning; a grand chess match of manipulation and back stabbing. Yep, sounds a lot like high school to me! Playwright Mike Lew apparently thought so too, leading to this comedic re-telling in which a junior-class president wears the crown." - Oregon Arts Watch

High school is hard enough, but when you have a power hungry 17-year-old threatening to overthrow anyone in his way to becoming junior class president, it can be downright murderous. Richard is the king of insults, and after alienating the only friend he has, he relies on himself to snatch the crown while securing the heart of the ex-girlfriend of the popular high school quarterback. As Richard struggles to keep all of his plots from going awry, he gains an ally in the most unlikeliest of suspects. Touchingly hilarious, Teenage Dick is the modern comedic re-telling of Shakespeare’s Richard III, and ponders if it is better to be loved or feared.

  • Awards for Mike Lew: PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation Theatre Award

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