The Allegories by Jen Brown

Monday, October 14 more dates through October 27, 2019

Wolff Gallery 2804 S.E. Ankeny St., Portland, Oregon 97214

Wolff Gallery is pleased to present The Allegories, a solo exhibition by narrative painter Jen Brown. In her dramatic yet detailed oil paintings, the artist confronts issues facing our society, including climate change, political divisions and the role of the artist. Her combination of contemporary themes with a Baroque-inspired aesthetic invites discussion while highlighting Brown's exquisite artistry.

From Oregon Arts Watch:

"Brown describes her work as a quest to find universal meaning and high drama through the techniques of Baroque artists such as Caravaggio. That may sound intimidating, but Brown’s large scale figurative oil paintings also deliver a generous dose of humor. In “The Allegory of Facebook”, a brawl has erupted over a smoky pool table, pitting a MAGA-hat wearing man against a New-Age wellness guru and a host of other enraged characters. Alongside such tongue-in-cheek epics are smaller studies of finely rendered hands that display the artist’s significant painting chops. "

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Art & Design, Exhibition, Free





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