The Revolutionists

This is a past event. Sunday, May 26 at 7:30pm

Artists Repertory Theatre 1515 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97205

"“Sometimes, a revolution needs a woman’s touch.” So says Marie Antoinette, in this cerebral/screwball historical comedy by Lauren Gunderson — who was the most widely produced playwright in the country last season, according to American Theatre Magazine.

Loosely based on real events, the story (which one critic has described as “truth dipped in fantasy”) features the political assassin Charlotte Corday, the aforementioned ill-fated queen, and a Haitian rebel dropping in on the playwright and early women’s-rights activist Olympe de Gouges amid the turmoil of the French Revolution. Pursuing themes of feminism and intersectionality, Gunderson suggests that such fraught times feel all-too familiar." - Oregon Arts Watch

Who runs the world? Girls! In 1793, during France’s Reign of Terror — a playwright, an assassin, a former queen and a Caribbean spy walk into a room and attempt to save the soul of France while avoiding the edge of the guillotine’s blade. Olympe De Gouges is desperate to pen the perfect piece of revolutionary art for her generation, while Charlotte Corday is determined to become an assassin. Prophetic Marie Antoinette is happy to reminisce about her time in the palace while Marianne Angelle gathers intelligence to send home to the Caribbean. In a blisteringly funny portrayal, The Revolutionists depicts four badass women who fight for the equality of all women and for the love of their country.

  • Awards for Lauren Gunderson: Steinberg Playwright Award, Susan Smith Blackburn Prize Finalist, most-produced American playwright of 2016
  • "... rapid-fire barbs and quick-witted retorts." -Patricia Mitchell, DC Metro Theater Arts
  • "The Revolutionists is as beautiful in its pleasures as it is tailor-made for this fraught moment in our own story." -Lisa Kennedy, The Know
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