Travels on the Silk Road

This is a past event. Saturday, August 31 more dates through August 31, 2019

Join us on a journey along the ancient trade route during Lan Su’s celebration of the Silk Road.

Discover the Silk Road in July & August at Lan Su with talks on the Silk Road, silk embroidery art, and a display of live silkworms. Watch as the silk worms spin their cocoons and emerge as silk moths!

Silk & Chinese History:

Silk has played an integral role in China’s economic and artistic life for thousands of years. It is used in clothing, commerce, a material for decorating, and a medium for artists. It also functioned as currency, an agricultural staple, and a method for paying taxes. For centuries China was the only place where silkworms were domesticated and silk fabric woven. Evidence of silk production has been found at Neolithic sites dating back 6,000 years.

Legends abound as to the origin of silk. While Lady Xiling, the wife of the mythic Yellow Emperor, was having tea under a mulberry tree, a cocoon fell into her cup. As a strand unwound onto her finger, she realized that it could be used for weaving. The story continues that Lady Xiling taught her people how to raise silkworms and also invented the loom.

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