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Robot Film Festival

The Robot Film Festival (RFF) is an annual celebration of robots on screen and in performance. The event features screenings of invited films and juried...

McMenamins Mission Theater  
OMSI Science Pub Portland: Neurology of Sleep

Like it or not, sleep is an innate biological rhythm essential to human survival. However, despite thousands of years of study, sleep remains one of the...

McMenamins Mission Theater  
Jeff Parker & The New Breed

Best known as a multi-instrumentalist member of Tortoise and a pillar of the Chicago jazz and experimental music scene, Jeff Parker has been incomparably...

McMenamins Mission Theater  
Science Pub Portland: Neuroscience of Morality

Why do some people live lawful lives, while others gravitate toward repeated criminality? Do people choose to be moral or immoral, or is morality simply a...

McMenamins Mission Theater  
Nuggets Night 2018

Friday, June 1 - Featuring: Hurry Up, Planet Damn, The Lovesores, The Bugs, Fire Nuns, The Furies, Black Fruit, The Von Howlers, Sacred Trees, The Hauer...

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