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Outside the Cup: Naturally Dyeing Eggs

The tradition of dyeing eggs is an ancient practice and can be found in many cultures around the world as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Before the advent...

3/24 1pm
Beyond the Basics - Session 2: Black Tea

This is the second class in a series that focuses on what tea is, its history, and how to brew and enjoy it. Each session will begin with a brief recap of...

3/25 12:30pm
Intro to Wu-Wo: A Taiwanese Practice of Sharing Tea

The Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony was created in Taiwan in the 1980s as an experience that allows many participants to brew and serve tea together. It is rooted in...

3/31 1pm
Outside the Cup: Kombucha Home Brewing

Learn how to brew kombucha at home from a pro. Co-founder of Lion Heart Kombucha, Jared Englund has taught over 1000 Portlanders to brew safe and delicious...

4/15 11:30am
Outside the Cup: Ayurvedic Skin Care

Ready for an Ayurvedic makeover? Looking for natural, gentle skincare alternatives to costly commercial products or prescriptions? This workshop will...

4/21 2pm

Recent Events

Wagashi: The Art of Japanese Tea Sweets

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets served with tea. For many, wagashi has been elevated into the level of art that represents the essence of the...

The Jasmine Pearl  
Chado: Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration

Have you ever wanted to learn about Chado, the Japanese tea ceremony? Join Margie Yap, Founder of the Issoan Tea School, for a live demonstration of this...

The Jasmine Pearl  
Beyond the Basics - Session 1: Prep, Brewing and Care

This is the first class in a series that focuses on what tea is, its history, and how to brew and enjoy it. This session has been added to the series for...

The Jasmine Pearl  
Mindfulness Series - Beginner's Mind: A Mindful Tea Experience with Ryan of Pause Meditation

Join Pause Meditation co-founder Ryan Kenny on a journey through the senses to explore the foundations of mindful awareness. Savor a cup of delicious Jasmine...

The Jasmine Pearl  
Mindfulness Series: Listening to Incense

There are many ways to enjoy incense, the most common being burning incense sticks and cones. In Japan, they also enjoy incense this way, but there is a much...

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