Whitsell Auditorium

1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR, 97205

Located on the lower level of the Belluschi Building, this auditorium is the perfect venue for public lectures and performances and private film screenings and premieres. The Whitsell Auditorium features a stage, 376 fixed seats, and the most contemporary audio and visual capabilities. Combined with the nearby Andrée Stevens Room, it's ideal for a lecture-reception package. For conferences, it's an ideal location for a large group; add our Stevens Room, Sondland/Durant Trustee Room, West Conference Room, Crumpacker Family Library and/or Miller Gallery to accommodate group activities and smaller lectures.

The Whitsell Auditorium is the primary screening venue for the Northwest Film Center, which conducts an active year-round exhibition program featuring foreign, classic, experimental, and independent works presented in thematic series, special retrospectives, and visiting artist programs.






Portland, SW Portland, Downtown

Upcoming Events

Cousin Bobby

In Cousin Bobby, Demme introduces us to his cousin Reverend Robert Castle, an Episcopalian minister who worked within the African American community for over...

6/28 7pm
The Agronomist

Jonathan Demme’s career as a feature filmmaker was paralleled by personal documentaries focusing on music and human rights, with a special interest in...

6/30 7pm
Swimming To Cambodia

“It would be wrong to think of Swimming to Cambodia as a one-man show, even though it captures the performance of a single artist, Spalding Gray, as he sits...

7/1 7pm
Christo’s Valley Curtain

Christo and Jean Claude’s first monumental landscape project in the West was made of nine tons of orange nylon polymide fabric. The Valley Curtain stretched...

7/6 12am
Running Fence

Some fences unite and inspire rather than divide. The Maysles’ engrossing documentary chronicles the four-year realization of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s...

7/6 7pm

Recent Events

To Be Or Not To Be

Like Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, Lubitsch’s film was widely criticized upon release for trying to find laughs in Hitler’s assault on civilization and, in...

Whitsell Auditorium  
Moon in the 12th House

Sisters Mira and Lenny, separated at youth by traumatic circumstances, are young women when they meet again. The older and wilder Mira, who works in a hip...

Whitsell Auditorium  
Aida’s Secrets

Aida’s Secrets 6/25 4:30am

In this sweeping international story that begins in World War II and concludes in an emotional family reunion seven decades later, layers of family history...

Whitsell Auditorium  
Beyond the Mountains and Hills

Nominated for six Israeli Academy awards, including Best Picture, this film by writer-director Eran Kolirin (The Band’s Visit) weaves several narratives into...

Whitsell Auditorium  

Harmonia 6/24 6:30pm

A contemporary adaptation of the biblical tale of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, Harmonia presents a poignant metaphor for the contemporary challenges facing...

Whitsell Auditorium  

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Whitsell Auditorium

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